The philosophy of Banker Law Group is based on a dedication to protecting and preserving the dignity and rights of people living in Alaska.

People call us when they have obviously complex cases, and also when insurance companies fail to treat them with dignity and respect by making settlement proposals that are not reasonable.

The Anchorage personal injury lawyers at Banker Law Group are committed to fair outcomes for their clients. It isn’t always easy. It often requires hard work, intelligence and perseverance.

We find our work especially rewarding because it is a unique opportunity to help our neighbors in very difficult situations.

Automobile Collisions

People injured in automobile collisions find themselves at odds with insurance adjusters. The insurance adjuster’s only job is to pay as little as possible. Adjusters are highly trained by an industry with vast experience in dealing with injury claims. Most people who are injured have never had any experience with an insurance claim, and expect fair treatment. The insurance industry is very good at creating road blocks to fair compensation. We find that people call for advice when it becomes clear that the insurance company is not going to be reasonable.

Maritime – Admiralty

Maritime law is a distinct specialty. In 1998, Anthony started working with a firm representing international ship owners since the 1800’s. Whenever crew were seriously injured near the port of Mobile, Alabama he conducted shipboard investigations as local correspondent for the ship owner’s P&I Club. Later, Anthony worked with the largest Maritime law firm on the West Coast – with offices in Long Beach, San Francisco, Seattle, Anchorage, and Hong Kong. He learned, firsthand, how shipowner’s insurance companies move quickly to protect their financial interests.

Anthony has handled maritime cases involving accidents on drill ships, bulk carriers, barges, tugs, fishing boats, tenders, container ships, and oil tankers. The claims have involved litigation under the Jones Act, the payment of maintenance and cure under the general maritime law, and enforcement of the provisions of the Death on the High Seas Act (DOHSA).

Anthony applies everything he learned at “big-insurance-law” to protect injured crew members and their families. Representing injured workers is much more gratifying than helping insurance companies.

Elder Protection & Fraud

In 2006, Mr. Banker established the State of Alaska’s Office of Elder Fraud, and drafted the regulations that govern the operation of the office. While he was working for the State, Anthony investigated more than 500 fraud cases, and recovered more than 4.5 million dollars’ worth of assets for financially exploited elder Alaskans.

In private practice, Mr. Banker has litigated cases involving securities fraud, predatory lending, mortgage disclosures, and violations of the Consumer Protection Act.




Anthony Banker is a trial lawyer who devotes his practice to people who have been injured or exploited. Over the past fifteen years, he has litigated several hundred cases involving negligence, maritime injuries, wrongful death, product liability, insurance bad faith, professional liability, lender liability, and fraud.