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One of the most common—and most serious—types of product liability claims involves defective or dangerous medical devices. Modern advances in the medical industry have provided humans innumerable benefits; however, in far too many instances, these same advances have resulted in the widespread use of products and devices that are incredibly harmful for the patients they intend to help. At Banker Law Group, P.C. we strive to hold negligent and reckless medical device manufacturers and distributors accountable when they prioritize profits over individual lives.

If you suffered injuries or complications, or if your loved one died after undergoing a procedure to have a medical device implanted, our firm can help. A true trial lawyer, our Anchorage defective medical device attorney, Anthony Banker, has the experience, skill, and in-depth legal knowledge to take on large medical manufacturers and their insurance providers. He has handled thousands of cases and helped numerous clients achieve favorable settlements and jury verdicts after suffering harm at the hands of these large corporations.

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Common Medical Device Recalls & Defects

Whether due to a lack of adequate testing, a push for profits, manufacturing errors, or other factors, defective and dangerous medical devices make it onto the market and into the lives of patients every day. Often, this has disastrous consequences. Even when a device is recalled, uninformed doctors may continue recommending these devices to patients.

Some common defective medical devices include:

This list is by no means exhaustive; countless studies and real-life cases have revealed many more medical devices with defects, as well as devices that are inherently dangerous. In fact, many medical manufacturing companies that have come under fire for producing such devices have set aside funds solely for the purpose of compensating victims. If you were injured by a defective medical device, you may be entitled to collect this compensation.

An Attorney Who Can Help

It can be incredibly devastating to suffer injuries and complications from a medical device that was supposed to help you. You will likely need additional surgeries, medications, and ongoing care to treat new or worsened conditions as a result of the defective device. This, in turn, will likely require you to take more time off work and, in severe cases, could lead to temporary or permanent disability.

At Banker Law Group, we understand the challenges you face. Our Anchorage defective medical device lawyer is passionate about fighting for the rights of injured Alaskans and working to ensure they are not taken advantage of by large corporations and insurance providers. Our team can provide you with compassionate, personalized legal guidance throughout every stage of the insurance claim process.

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