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How Can I Help My Auto Accident Claim?

The most important thing to do following an injury from an auto accident is to take care of yourself. If you are injured in a car accident in Alaska, or anywhere else for that matter, insist that the police come to the scene. In a perfect world, witnesses will stay, and provide information directly to law enforcement. If you know you need medical help; ask for it at the scene. Delaying medical help could expose you to more significant injuries, and it could be interpreted the wrong way. Report the crash to your insurance company immediately. If you live in Alaska, call an Anchorage car accident attorney who offers free legal consultations. An Anchorage personal injury lawyer can give you good advice about dealing with insurance adjusters after any kind of personal injury. But remember – the most important thing is to simply take care of yourself.

What Kind Of Information Does My Attorney Need To Review Before Filing a Claim?

To get the best possible result, your attorney will need to review all the available information before filing a claim. One of the things we try to do when we meet with clients is to find all of the possible sources of information before we file the claim.

How Can I Assist My Attorney To Get a Favorable Outcome To My Claim?

The most important thing you can do to help your personal injury attorney is provide all the information. Do not hold back. The more information your attorney has, the better for your claim.

Will Medical Bills Be Paid In Full In A Personal Injury Settlement?

Paying your medical bills is one of the biggest reasons for filing the insurance claim. Sometimes, there is not enough insurance to cover all the medical bills. When that is the case, we work with everyone to help ensure our client gets something from the settlement and protected along the way for any future medical issues.

Will Reimbursement Include Medical Bills Paid As Well As Future Medical Costs?

The job of an auto accident attorney is to make sure all the medical bills are paid in a personal injury settlement. When there is a need for future medical care, we try to make sure that money is available to take care of those bills as well. Sometimes though, there is not enough insurance to cover all of the medical bills, and we will do our best to make all future medical bill are paid in full.

Is It A Good Idea To Pay Medical Bills As They Come In?

Your personal injury attorney will talk with you about the best approach on medical bills. Typically, I encourage people to pay anything they can afford to pay, even if they are just making small monthly payments to their providers. Most clients want to make sure their doctors are paid for the care they have provided after the car accident.

Which Medical Providers Will Try To Recoup Funds After A Settlement?

Typically, any insurance company that pays for medical care on the front end is going to be entitled to repayment from the person who caused the crash. That means the insurance of the person who caused the crash has to pay back that insurance in what is called Subrogation.

Does Having An Attorney involved Make The Insurance Companies Evaluate The Claim Differently?

Yes. Insurance companies deal with unrepresented individuals in a different way than they deal with attorneys. Personal injury attorneys understand the process and are very familiar with claims procedures. Most injured people are engaging in the process for the first time. Insurance companies always pay as little as possible. They can use a claimant’s inexperience to their advantage, and they do.

Does The Threat Of Going To Trial Enhance The Likelihood Of Getting A Better Settlement?

Having an experienced trial attorney represent you in a personal injury claim makes a huge difference. An insurance company is going to take an experienced trial lawyer more seriously than they would regard a trial lawyer who does not take their cases to trial.

How Do Your Trial And Negotiation Skills Impact A Settlement In A Personal Injury Case?

Experience really translates into greater success. If you love what you do, you get better at it – because you are always learning. Trial experience gives a lawyer insight into what matters and what does not. It also provides strong first-hand examples to use with insurance adjusters. Lack of experience translates into a lack of authority, and sometimes fear.

What Happens After A Personal Injury Claimed Has Been Filed?

Once a personal injury claim has been filed, the process will begin with the insurance companies and all other parties involved. This will include interviews and recorded statements. In personal injury cases, insurance companies are generally diligent in examining material presented and to explore the possibility that additional information may be available to help them evaluate the claim. They are going to request information from their own insured, as well as from the medical providers who have been treating you. They are going to speak with any witnesses they think may have information that has not been addressed in the claim.

How Long Do I Have To File A Personal Injury Lawsuit After A Car Accident?

Alaska requires personal injury claims to be resolved or filed as a formal lawsuit not later than two years after the crash.  In any event, you should advise the insurance company that you have been injured as soon as reasonably possible. If a lawsuit is not filed before the two-year anniversary, it will not be accepted by the court and you claim will be barred forever.  

Do not wait until you are close to the two-year limit before getting a legal consultation.  Most lawyers will not accept new clients unless there is time to investigate the crash before filing the lawsuit.  The earlier you contact an attorney, the better off you will both be in collecting necessary information and evidence to support your personal injury claim.

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