Anchorage Personal Injury Attorney

Case Results

  • $5.1 Million
    Child Bicyclist Hit by Driver

    A child on a bicycle was hit in a crosswalk by a driver running red-light.

  • $475,000
    Medical Misdiagnosis

    Medical misdiagnosis of a child in Bethel, Alaska

  • Confidential Settlement
    Wrongful Death

    Death of husband and father caused by a drunk driver. 

  • $2.5 Million
    Fraud Case
  • $2,473,551
    Bicycle Accident
    Our firm recently obtained a judgements of $2,473,551.91 (including $500,000 in punitive damages) for a young man who was run over in a parking lot while riding his bicycle.
  • $541,211.81
    Defective Rental Car

    A child broke his leg from a crash of rental car with bald tires.

  • $432,386
    Injured Passenger

    A passenger with injuries to low back and elbow from car collision on ice.

  • $298,634
    Cervical Spine Injury

    Cervical spine injury when road grader was struck by pick up.

  • $275,000
    Back Injury

    Aggravation to back injury while working oil spill drill on a fishing vessel.

  • $250,967.43
    Drunk Driving Accident

    Shoulder injury and fractured ribs caused by a drunk driver.

  • $250,000
    Lower Back Injury

    Injury to low back and teeth in an auto collision.

  • $223,000
    Bicyclist Hit by Car

    A young bicyclist was hit by a car in a crosswalk.

  • $177,277.05
    Lower Back Injury

    Aggravation of low back in an auto collision.

  • $176,383.95
    Driver Struck Pedestrian

    Broken leg and shoulder when the driver struck a pedestrian.

  • $175,887.56
    Neck & Shoulder Injuries

    Car crash resulting in neck/shoulder injuries and lost wages.

  • $175,391.86
    Knee Injury & Concussion

    knee injury and concussion when struck by a car.

  • $175,000
    Bicyclist Hit by Car

    Teacher riding bicycle hit by a car in a crosswalk – resulting in a knee injury.

  • $175,000
    Broken Ankle

    Broken ankle from fall outside an athletic club.

  • $137,507.99
    Neck Injury

    Neck injury caused by a negligent driver.

  • $136,000
    Bicyclist Hit by Truck

    A man on a bicycle who was hit by a truck leaving a gas station in Anchorage, Alaska.

  • $130,000
    Pedestrian Struck by Car

    Pedestrian struck by a car while walking on side of the road.

  • $128,808.56
    Back, Neck & Shoulder Injuries

    A father suffered back, neck and shoulder injuries when another driver ran a stop sign.

  • $126,666
    Back Injury

    Aggravation to back caused by lawyer’s negligent driving.

  • $126,438.85
    Car Accident

    Decompression surgery caused by an auto collision.

  • $120,798.40
    Broken Leg

    Car crash resulting in broken leg.

  • $120,654.36
    Motorcycle Accident

    Motorcyclist hit by an underinsured driver.

  • $118,808.56
    Drunk Driving Accident

    Fractured rib and shoulder injured by a drunk driver.

  • $118,351.10
    Extensive Ankle Fractures

    Extensive ankle fractures caused by an auto collision.

  • $118,053.80
    Head & Neck Injury

    Head and neck injury caused by a negligent driver.

  • $116,688.83
    Ankle Fracture & Laceration

    Ankle fracture and laceration caused by an auto collision.

  • $115,636
    Aggravation to Tumor

    Aggravation to tumor caused by a negligent driver.

  • $113,043.83
    Rotator Cuff & Neck Injury

    Rotator cuff and neck injury caused by an auto collision.

  • $112,804.57
    Metacarpal Fractures

    Metacarpal fractures caused by a negligent driver.

  • $111,342.47
    Spine Injury

    Spine injury and complications from an auto collision.

  • $100,115.72
    Fractured Pelvis

    Pelvic fractured by negligent driver striking pedestrian.

  • $100,000
    Knee, Hip & Spine Injuries

    Knee, hip and spine injuries caused in an auto collision.

  • $100,000
    Rear-Ended by PeopleMover Bus

    A mother injured when PeopleMover Bus drove too fast for conditions and plowed into the back of her pickup truck. 

  • $85,000
    Back Injury

    Kindergarten TA was hit by a driver running a red light causing back injury.

  • $75,000
    Slip & Fall Injury

    Ankle injuries resulting from slip and fall at the bus transfer station.

  • $70,602.13
    Back & Head Injuries

    Pizza delivery driver with back and head injuries from a crash with a careless driver.

  • $50,000
    Animal Attack

    A young lady was attacked by an animal at the treatment center.

  • All Applicable Policy Limits
    Auto Accidents

    A lady who was injured when her car was t-boned by a reckless driver in Anchorage, Alaska

  • All Applicable Policy Limits
    Auto Accidents

    A medical assistant in Kenai, Alaska – back was injured when she was rear-ended at a stoplight

  • All Applicable Policy Limits
    Auto Accidents

    A UAF graduate student injured when hit head-on at an intersection in Fairbanks, Alaska.

  • All Applicable Policy Limits
    Auto Accidents

    A passenger in Anchorage in an SUV was hit by teenager driving over 90 mph.

  • Full Policy Limits
    Auto Accidents

    A mother with neck and back injuries from a car crash – other driver ran stop sign.

  • Confidential Settlement
    Premises Liability

    A slip and fall injury on a dangerous floor in Homer, Alaska

  • Confidential Settlement
    Medical Malpractice

    Sponge left in the abdomen during a hysterectomy.

  • Confidential Settlement

    Violation of 8th Amendment of US Constitution.