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At Banker Law Group, P.C., we have considerable experience handling all types of personal injury claims, including those involving dangerous property conditions. Our Anchorage premises liability lawyer can help you understand your options and navigate the process of filing an insurance claim. We have a proven track record of success and are prepared to help you fight for the full, fair recovery you deserve.

When Is a Property Owner Liable for Your Injuries?

In Alaska, as in other states, property owners are required to keep their premises reasonably safe for guests, customers, employees, and anyone else who is legally on the property. When a property owner acts negligently—either by failing to notice or warn of potentially dangerous conditions or by failing to fix dangerous conditions on the property—and you are injured as a result, you may take action to collect compensation from the property owner's insurance company.

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Types of Premises Liability Claims

When many people think of premises liability claims, they think of slip and falls. While slip and fall accidents are one of the most common types of premises liability claims—especially here in Alaska, where accumulated ice and snow can lead to serious injuries—there are a number of other accidents that fall under this particular area of law.

Banker Law Group assists injured victims in all types of premises liability matters, including those involving:

  • Slip and fall/trip and fall accidents
  • Dog bites/animal attacks
  • Swimming pool accidents
  • Snow and ice accidents
  • Insufficient property maintenance
  • Defective property conditions
  • Lack of or improper signage
  • Elevator and escalator accidents
  • Negligent security (leading to assaults and other incidents)
  • Unsafe stairs
  • Lack of safety railing
  • Porch/balcony collapses
  • Construction site accidents

In order to bring a claim against a negligent property owner's insurance provider, you will need to show that you were legally allowed on the property at the time the accident or incident occurred. To do so, you will need to prove that you were either an invitee (such as a customer at a grocery store or visitor at a public park) or licensee (meaning, you had the expressed or implied consent of the property owner to be on the property).

If you were trespassing on the property when the injury-causing incident occurred, you will most likely not be able to bring a claim unless you can prove that the property owner willfully caused you harm. Even then, these claims are incredibly difficult to pursue.

Common Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents

There are a variety of factors that could lead to a slip and fall accident. Some of the most common include:

Caution "Wet Floor" Safety Cone in crowded area
  • Wet floors
  • Damaged stairs
  • Icy walkways
  • Broken handrails
  • Insufficient lighting

If you or a loved one has slipped and fell due to a property owner's negligence you may have a premises liability case. To learn more about your options contact Attorney Anthony N. Banker today!

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Many people who are injured on someone else's property are hesitant to pursue personal injury claims, thinking that their own actions led to their injuries. While this may be true in some cases, a large amount of property-related injuries are due to property owner negligence. In some cases, victims only suffer minor scrapes and bruises. But, in many instances, victims are left with serious, even catastrophic injuries, such as broken bones, spinal cord injuries, and traumatic brain injuries.

At Banker Law Group, we understand the seriousness and complexity of premises liability claims. Attorney Anthony Banker has resolved thousands of claims and has 20 years of legal experience, including past experience in insurance defense. Our entire team is committed to providing you with the uncompromising representation you need and the compassionate guidance you deserve.

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